The Verdict Is In…

Had a great time at the Soup-Or-Bowl of Comedy last night at Flappers. Really fun show with a great lineup of comics. Excited to announce that I got the “Judges Vote”! It’s equivalent to winning the gold at the summer Olympics or the coveted Laff-A-lympics. (Oh, Hanna-Barbera you are timeless). Two celebrity judges (both talent scouts) picked me to get a professional weekend gig at the club featuring!

Very honored and excited!

As if that wasn’t enough, got to do a guest spot on Escobar Evenings in the Yoo-Hoo which was another great show. Thanks to Erik Escobar for putting me up.

Lot of jokes told, laughs had, and buttons given! What a great night! Thanks to everyone who came out.

Endorsements Welcome
Endorsements Welcome