The Star Trek Reunion

A buddy just informed me that The Chicago Comic Con this year will be having a Star Trek The Next Generation reunion event to mark the twentieth anniversary of the series finale. Moving to the area seems to have worked in my favor. My friend suggested that I apply for a press pass to said convention. So this blog is my entry, resume, and, hopefully,  golden ticket to the Next Gen reunion:

Top Ten Reasons Why I Will Be Kicked Out Of The Star Trek TNG Reunion Event


1. I didn’t want to divulge the true reason why I moved away from Los Angeles until my second book, but I DO  have a restraining order with Jonathan Franks (William Riker). Neither of us is allowed to go within ten feet of Gates McFadden (Dr. Beverly Crusher). *Note the seating arrangements that night.


2. I will be shooting off Roman Candles in front of the Rosemont Theater in case the the crew of the Enterprise finds themselves in a Galaxy  Quest type of situation.

Galaxy Quest

3. Will bump into Michael Dorn (Worf) backstage and shoot down the first thing he says.

4. During the Q&A portion (even if there isn’t one) ask Patrick Stewart (Picard), how may lights he can see from the stage.

5. Afraid that I will find my doppelganger or “mirror-universe me” (i.e. me without a goatee), get into an argument about the importance of Deanna Troi and end up battling him while onlookers play the Amok Time theme from their phones.

6. For making too many Star Trek puns. Dare I say I will get into too much Tribble!


7. Asked to leave for wearing an original Star Fleet Uniform

Star Trek Man Skirt

8. Not allowed in due to copyright infringement from a project I was involved in a few years ago

9. For pulling up to the red carpet in a homemade shuttlecraft that resembles a 1998 Ford Aerostar with air-ducts tapped to its sides. (Not pictured)


10. Like Data, my emotions chip will malfunction at the after party (I’ll get in) and increasingly become inappropriate around the people  I grew up watching on television.



I will take my Press Pass laminated please.

Are you going to be at the Rosemont Theater Sunday August 24th, 2014? Let’s sneak in Romulan Ale and enjoy a live version of Star Trek Generations.

Ticket Info Here