Secret Origins Improv

Stan Lee. Jack Kirby. Will Eisner. Robert Kirkman. You.
Superheroes inspire millions through comics, television, and feature films. Who hasn’t scribbled their own titan to life in the margins of their class notes? Or meeting notes? How often do we ask each other “if you had one super power, what would it be?” The act of creation fires the imagination, nurtures the soul, and allows us to escape our morning commute or just relive what it feels like to crack the spine of a fresh comic and ponder the impossible in four brilliant colors.

Secret Origins: An Improvised Superhero Event at Stage 773 will bring that feeling back to you throughout April 2017.

Over three weeks, audiences will create new and fantastic heroes and villains with the help of Chicago’s rising improv talents, culminating in an epic showdown in week 4 as the heroes created by the audiences of weeks 1-3 return to team up against a dastardly cosmic threat imagined by week 4’s audience.

These heroes have never been seen before – and they may never be seen again.