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Enterprise D Bridge

Pretty excited to be performing at this year’s Chicago Nerd Comedy Festival on August 14th. Sure, I’m a comedian worthy of performing in a festival or two, but am I “Nerdy” enough to share the stage with geeky stand up and improv acts?  I got some binary street cred to my name. Below is basically what my submission form looked like for this festival.

Here’s what makes me White & Nerdy:

Spandex Star Trek Halloween Costume
Picard Maneuver 2008
On an away mission circa 2008 (Picard Maneuver)

There is no photographic proof that I have,  but you’ll have to trust me that my mom spent hours and a few trips to Joanna Fabric to make me a Star Fleet command uniform. Pretty sure I wore it twice because my mom needed a year off. If only I went full Picard and shaved my head, would of gotten three times as much candy. (Because they would of thought I was sick or something). I still have the communicator pin.

Won A Contest

Spider man1994You bet I won a grocery store coloring contest! Honestly I don’t remember what I colored in.   A bunny for Easter?  A Campbell’s soup can for a weekly sale?  The point is I was the best.  My prize, four comic books (two Spider-man comics, X-men 3000, and Quasar) Went online recently to apprise them and I and happy to say that I am seventy eight cents richer.

I don’t want this coming back to me one day. I was way older than I should of been when I won this. Had my kid sister pick up the comics in my place.  

Pepsi Star Wars Episode I Cans

starwars_boxThey said they were collectible. I stacked them in my closet because even as a kid I knew this was getting weird.

Dance fought Sub Zero at Comic Con

Sometimes you get a bit tipsy at San Diego Comic Con, head over to the Costume Ball after party, and dance fight with video game characters. I would like to brag that I did not lose a life that night. Did however lose all my golden coins.

Meeting Raphael and Yakko

rob_paulsen_tribute_by_chumleyscartoons-d6miyaiDuring my adventures in comedy I have had the opportunity to meet some of my childhood idles. So when I got to share the stage with Rob Paulsen, I pretty much lost my mind. I grew up with this guy voicing many of my childhood heroes: Raphael (TMNT), Yakko Warner (Animaniacs), and Pinky (Pinky and the Brain) just to name a few. Really nice guy. He performed “Countries of the World” from Animaniacs, a song listing, you guessed it, every nation on the planet. Highlight of my adulthood for sure!

Lego Approved

It wasn’t until recently that my love for the building toys was rekindled. The Lego Movie was a big catalyst. Also finding a fiancee who would tolerate me becoming a master builder again helped as well. I began making a Lego web comic and taking funny pictures with minifigures. Earlier this year I was contacted by the company to get my permission to use one of my pictures for promotional stuff for Lego. And my high school guidance counselor thought I should go into science. What an idiot.

They haven’t used it yet, but it’s still pretty cool.

Have A Dog Named After A Cartoon Robot

Good news everyone! We got a dog last year and named him after everyone’s favorite drunk little scamp, Bender from Futurama.

Eaten By A Dinosaur

I have one legit TV/film credit: I become a dinosaurs’ lunch  in the B-movie “Age of Dinosaurs”. My deadly encounter with a CGI dinosaur was seen on the SyFy network and streamed on Netflix. If you want to see my acting chops, I’m show up around an hour and  two minutes in. Thank you youtube!

Having a drink in the bar while Los Angeles is attacked by prehistoric beasts. Age  of Dinosaurs
Having a drink in the bar while Los Angeles is attacked by prehistoric beasts. Age of Dinosaurs

So come see me, a Trekkie contest winner who is well versed in the Jedi arts, who can hold his own against video game characters, and a cartoon fanatic approved by a Dutch toy company who is a dino attack survivor, on Friday August 14th at Stage 773, 7pm.

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