Geektastic Podcast

Is a bi-monthly geek out hosted by comedians Dusty Rhoads and myself. For one glorious hour we jam in movie news, tech talk, video games, pop culture, a top ten, play a game and more. And for no extra charge we sprinkle in some comedy in the mix. It’s a lot of fun. Check us out here.

Podcasts that I’ve been a guest on:

Below is  a list of podcast you can hear me on. I recommend subscribing to them too!

Two Months, One Voice
Episode 8

Trekspeak Podcast
Star Trek Interview w/ Picard Maneuver


EP #37 – W/ Craig “The Lovemaster” Shoemaker (Around 50mins in)

Explain Yourself With Jay Light
Episode #7 – Mike Hover

SillyBoyz Podcast
Episode #39 – Town Hall Questions

Episode #13- A Silly Old As Time

Word Of The Night Podcast
Lawrence Of Arabia
Word Of The Night #1