Dare I Say, Best High School Field Trip Ever!

So today a high school field trip stopped by my work to see the “ins and outs” of Post Production, Multimedia, and techno-mobojumbo. For those who don’t know I watch films and TV shows for a living. Pretty sweet gig I know. After today these kids will stop trying after learning this job exists. I don’t blame them, SATs are for losers.

picture perfectI had some eleventh graders observe me while I watched a movie. Sounds creepier than it was. Unfortuately for the them the film wasn’t one of the usual blockbusters I tend to work on. They got to witness me work on Picture Perfect. A 1997 romantic comedy staring Jennifer Aniston,┬áJay Mohr, and┬áKevin Bacon. A film that came out when they were born. Even with a generational gap, the consensus was this gem wasn’t gonna hold up. Here are some of the reactions I got from my teen observers:

“Who’s Macy Gray?” – While explaining why I was laughing when the song “I Try” played during a montage. Then I proceeded to explain what a montage was.

“She [Jennifer Aniston] isn’t wearing a bra in any of these scenes” – Eyes like a hawk this 16 year old boy was. Apparently it was cold in New York in 1997. I never understood late 90s fashion anyway.

“Don’t tell your teacher about this” – Me at the beginning of the film, where a man tries to persuade Jennifer Aniston that he doesn’t need to use a condom because he tested negative.

My school field trips were never this cool. Except for that time we went to the Jelly Belly factory, but it didn’t have Macy Gray songs.