A Drive By Geeking

Geek culture has risen to dominance in the last few decades. No longer do we hide in the shadows of basements. Proudly we display our love for Sci-Fi, video games, and pop culture on everything from our iPhone cases to our skin. I personally won’t get a Tattoo, but you get the point. In fact you’d be surprised where you might find us.

Sometimes after a hard day at work, you get forgetful.
Sometimes after a hard day at work, you get forgetful.

Instead of bumper stickers, I have an Imperial Storm Trooper helmet in the back of my car. (Pictured: Same helmet on top of Girlfriend’s car) No one’s gonna break into my car with the backing of the Imperial Fleet behind me. Though my lady says the reason why no one will steal my car is due to the fact it’s not worth anything. I beg to differ. The Storm Trooper helmet inside my car is worth at least $15.

Driving around town in my now depressed  car (he can hear us), I pulled up to a light and all of a sudden this Escalade rolls up straight from the BET Awards. Tinted windows, bass trembling the ground below us, the essence of a “player” was strong in this vehicle. His passenger window rolls down and he shouts to get my attention. I’ve lived a good life, so I roll down my window. With out a beat he yells, “Han shot first”, light turns green, and guns it like a bat out of hell.

darkside-434Did I just witness a drive by Geeking? Was he a Blood or a member of Rouge Squadron? Hard to tell the difference between two as one wears red and the other an orange jump suit with a helmet. His turf is Crenshaw, Dantooine, and Hoth. My mind was blown! Granted it’s my fault for making the assumption that he didn’t like the same things I do. We shared a moment and that’s my in to become a member of the fast growing gang in Los Angeles, LA Rouges.

Force Out Bantha Fodder!