5 Reasons to See Me at Flappers 6/7

It has been a year since I’ve been back to my home state. Though it’s a short visit this time, I was able to snag a spot in the Main Room at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank Sunday June 7th at 7pm!

I bet you’re wondering: “Mike, why should I go all the way to Burbank? I’m friends with you on Facebook/Twitter/Myspace, why do I need to see you in person? You’re constant posts are “good enough” for me.” First off, wow, Myspace? We’ll let me persuade to see me live with these five reasons:

The Classy Reason

doing comedy,

at Flappers Burbank June seventh,

jokes somewhat funny

Haiku don’t lie.  I’ve had a whole year to write new jokes, see me perform the ones that made the cut! Possibility of at least one classic.

The Dollar Sign Reason


Use this link before the show date to get in free! Tell them you’re seeing me and you get nothing extra. You do save $15 buckaroos, which is what it will cost you at the door day of. Be mindful of the two item minimum. So technically, It’s now a free show, there’s no excuse!  Here’s the link again:


The Lego Reason


I would listen to him, he means business. Start the week off right with comedy

The Adorable Reason


Do you want to make this little guy cry because you didn’t go? DO YOU? (More incentive: I’ll be wearing the same pants)

The Real Reason

Along with being able to see and hang with you before and after the show, I could use your help in the audience. I need a new tape to submit to showcases, clubs, festivals, and contests to conqueror the comedy world. With you there to laugh at and/or with me, you will  it make a video funnier. Let’s fool those comedy bookers that I have talent.

See you there!